Diving into The Cosmere Part III: The Hero of Ages Review

Vaibhav Sharma


March 04, 2024

Diving into The Cosmere Part III: The Hero of Ages Review

Warning: May Contain Mild Spoilers!

The last two books were very interesting but I went into this with an irrational fear — what if the ending is not good enough especially for the high bar it had set in past two books, because i have seen multiple times when something starts great but ends up being a dud in the ending. But thankfully it was exactly that — an irrational fear.


As I embarked on the final leg of the Mistborn journey with “Hero of Ages,” I was greeted by a familiar yet evolved world — one where Emperor Elend teetered on the edge of becoming a new Lord Ruler, a testament to the complexity of power and its seductive allure.

Despite hearing murmurs about Elend’s sudden transformation into an overpowering figure, I found his evolution to be both believable and compelling. Tindwyl’s influence in last book and his newfound Mistborn abilities played pivotal roles in shaping him into the formidable emperor he became. Yet, amidst his power, Elend’s internal struggles humanized him, adding depth to his character and heightening the poignancy of his relationship with Vin.

The impact of loss reverberated through the narrative, as the deaths of crew members weighed heavily on their comrades. Each character’s journey was marked by grief and growth, underscoring the human element at the heart of the story.

Sazed’s portrayal of depression was both well-written and realistic, yet at times, it felt overly focused and slowed the pace of the narrative. However, amidst the darkness, Spook’s thrilling storyline provided a welcome respite, feeling like a mini-novel within the larger tapestry of the tale.

TenSoon’s arc and the exploration of Kandra culture added depth to the world-building, presenting them as distinct entities rather than mere shapeshifters. The nuanced portrayal of characters gaining respect for the fallen Lord Ruler without redeeming his actions struck a delicate balance, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.

Yomen emerged as a worthy adversary, his respectful demeanor adding depth to the conflict that ensued. The divine entities of Ruin and Preservation were masterfully crafted, their lore steeped in meaning and intervention tempered by limitation.

The final stand of Elend and Vin brought tears to my eyes, a testament to the emotional resonance of their journey. And amidst the chaos, Sazed emerged as the true hero of ages, his ascension to godhood a culmination of a beautifully crafted arc.

In the end, “Hero of Ages” delivered a worthy conclusion to the Mistborn trilogy — one filled with grandeur, emotion, and unexpected twists. It was a journey that defied expectations, leaving me awestruck by the sheer brilliance of Brandon Sanderson’s storytelling prowess.

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