Diving into The Cosmere Part I: Mistborn The Final Empire Review

Vaibhav Sharma


February 26, 2024

Diving into The Cosmere Part I: Mistborn The Final Empire Review

Although I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings I’m not much of a Fantasy reader; I mostly stick to Sci-Fi books. And though, I had heard a lot about Brandon Sanderson, the sheer number of pages per book and the number of books had made me avoid getting into Cosmere for the longest time. Then somehow I stumbled upon “that Wired article” (‘Brandon Sanderson is your God’ not gonna provide a link to that hit piece and increase its engagement) insulting Brandon Sanderson, and after reading it, instead of the intended effect, he rather came off as a great guy. So, I decided to dive into Cosmere by following his very own 2024 reading guide.

Brandon Sanderson’s 2024 Cosmere Reading Order

  • The Final Empire
  • The Well of Ascension
  • The Hero of Ages
  • Warbreaker
  • Tress of the Emerald Sea
  • The Way of Kings
  • The Alloy of Law
  • Words of Radiance
  • Shadows of Self
  • Edgedancer
  • The Bands of Mourning
  • Oathbringer
  • The Lost Metal
  • Dawnshard
  • Rhythm of War
  • Elantris
  • Yumi and The Nightmare Painter
  • The Sunlit Man
  • Wind and Truth

Warning: May Contain Mild Spoilers!

Entering the world of Mistborn through “The Final Empire” was akin to stepping into a realm where shadows danced with intrigue and despair. At first, the pace felt slow, but the intricate setup of this grim, dark world gradually drew me in, weaving a web of curiosity that I couldn’t escape.


The introduction of Kelsier, a troublemaker with layers of complexity, was a highlight. Initially, I saw him as a rebel without a cause, but as the layers of his character peeled away, I found myself captivated by his depth and determination. He became a character I couldn’t help but admire.

Vin, too, struck a chord with me. Her portrayal as someone scarred by an abusive childhood resonated deeply, adding a layer of realism to her character that made her journey all the more compelling.

What truly stood out, however, was the dynamic ensemble of characters that comprised the crew. Each member possessed a distinct personality, and as I journeyed alongside them, I found myself becoming intimately familiar with their quirks and motivations. It was as though I could predict their reactions in any given situation — a testament to the author’s skill in crafting relatable characters.

The magic system introduced in “The Final Empire” is unparalleled in its complexity and ingenuity. The way each aspect of magic is intricately woven into the fabric of the trilogy as a whole is nothing short of masterful. It adds layers of depth to the story, enriching the world-building and driving the plot forward in unexpected ways.

The portrayal of nobles and skaa felt incredibly realistic, highlighting the stark divide between the privileged and the oppressed. Their contrasting perspectives and prejudices added another layer of complexity to an already richly textured narrative.

Encountering Hoid, a character often spoken of in memes, was a delightfully unexpected surprise — a nod to the interconnectedness of the Cosmere universe.

The inquisitors and the Lord Ruler himself instilled a sense of dread and foreboding, adding a chilling element to the story that sent shivers down my spine.

While the ending of “The Final Empire” felt satisfying, I couldn’t shake the feeling that Vin bordered on Mary Sue territory. However, as I delved further into the trilogy, I came to appreciate the deliberate nature of her character arc. It was a subtle nuance that might have been difficult to grasp initially but added depth upon reflection.

And then there’s Sazed — an unsung hero whose quiet strength and unwavering loyalty stole my heart.

In hindsight, “The Final Empire” was almost perfect, with its only flaw being a slight dip in pacing in the middle. But even that minor hiccup couldn’t detract from the overall brilliance of Brandon Sanderson’s storytelling. It was a journey that left me eager to delve deeper into the world of Mistborn, eager to uncover its secrets and unravel its mysteries.

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