Diving into The Cosmere Part II: The Well of Ascension Review

Vaibhav Sharma


March 02, 2024

Diving into The Cosmere Part II: The Well of Ascension Review

Warning: May Contain Mild Spoilers!

As I made it clear in my previous review, I really loved the first book in the Mistborn Era 1, though it left me with lingering questions about the ominous warning of Lord Ruler. So, I started the Book 2 immediately.


And the journey continued in “Well of Ascension,” where the aftermath of revolution laid bare the complexities of power and the turmoil it leaves in its wake.

The initial chapters painted a vivid picture of the instability and power vacuum created by the revolution — a stark reminder of the consequences of upheaval and change. The impact of Kelsier’s death reverberated through the narrative, affecting each member of the crew in profoundly different ways. The deification of Kelsier felt hauntingly realistic, showcasing how legends are born from the ashes of tragedy.

Enter Straff, a brilliantly crafted antagonist whose portrayal felt eerily reminiscent of real-world figures rather than typical fantasy villains. His presence added a layer of depth to the narrative, challenging the traditional notions of good and evil.

However, not all characters resonated equally. Zane’s inclusion felt forced, and the attempted love triangle seemed out of place, particularly given Vin’s established character. Yet, amidst these missteps, Vin’s struggles with anxiety were portrayed with raw authenticity, adding a layer of depth to her character that felt relatable on a personal level.

Elend’s journey from idealism to pragmatism struck a chord with me, mirroring the struggles many face when thrust into positions of power. His development was nuanced and realistic, offering insights that resonated deeply with my own experiences.

The politicking in the middle of the book admittedly bogged down the pace, but amidst the quagmire of political maneuvering, characters like Tindwyl shone brightly. Her role in shaping Elend’s leadership and her subtle yet powerful relationship with Sazed added layers of depth to the narrative, enriching the story in unexpected ways.

The ending of “The Well of Ascension” surpassed its predecessor in every way. Each death and victory stirred my emotions, while the twists sent chills down my spine. Sazed and TenSoon emerged as new favorites, their character arcs adding richness and depth to the narrative.

Yet, despite its strengths, the uneven pacing remained a notable flaw. The journey truly found its stride in Part 5 of the book, with the payoffs making the earlier struggles worthwhile.

In hindsight, “The Well of Ascension” was a testament to Brandon Sanderson’s ability to weave intricate tales of power and personal struggle. It was a journey marked by highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies — a journey that left me eagerly anticipating the next installment in the Mistborn series.

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