Top 10 LoFi 🌌 - beats to distract you from study/work

Vaibhav Sharma


May 11, 2024

Top 10 LoFi 🌌 - beats to distract you from study/work

Just like a lot of people around the world I too rely on LoFi Girl to help boost my productivity. “Lo-fi” is short for “low-fidelity” music which embraces the imperfections of low-quality music production. It acts as an ambient sound just like white noise, and helps you provide a rhythm without being distracting. Here’s the YouTube channel “Answer in Progress” explaining the science behind LoFi.

But the thing with music is that sometimes it’s just so damn good that you can’t help putting everything aside and just vibing to it, as they conjure beautiful scenarios in your head, that you may or even may not have experienced. I have made a list of my 10 favourite LoFi tracks and tried to put to words the emotions and imagination they inspire in me.

10. dontcry - Redbone

I had no idea that a chill song like Redbone could get even more chill, but this LoFi rendition of Redbone by Childish Gambino proves otherwise. Best served with a side of hot coco and rain on the glass window.

9. bits & hits - The Slopes of Blessure

Masterfully created LoFi version of The Slopes of Blessure from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [Blood and Wine] Game OST, perfect beats to slay supernatural beasts/play Gwent to.

8. GentleBeatz - One With The Wind

With a base sampled from EDEN - rock + roll this LoFi track goes beyond the original, and when the music intensifies at 1 minute 28 seconds, it makes you feel the quote “I know that a life without love is no life at all” sampled at the beginning [from Ever After(1998)].

7. Kinissue & Raimu - Bliss

With a healthy dose of eastern flute, this fusion beat will transport your mind, straight to tranquillity, away from the bustling life of a metropolitan city.

6. Kupla - Lavender

One of the most beautiful LoFi tracks I have ever heard, it’s as if the medley of instruments plays on my heartstrings themselves, while i sit at the edge of a small pier on the lake on a breezy spring day.

5. WYS - The Bad Party

Playing this hauntingly melancholic track on a loop is perfect for those sombre moments in life, when you stay up till early morning in winters, staring out the window, contemplating.

4. nymano x Pandrezz - Evening Routine

This beautiful shimmering lo-fi track is the music equivalent of taking an evening walk with your crush on streets reflecting neon signs of the big city in the puddles left on the wet pavement after a storm, with a pleasant petrichor still lingering in the air. The warm, wistful melody perfectly captures that feeling of romantic anticipation and the soft glow of new love against the twinkling city lights.

3. Bamf - Lost in Kyoto

I have been following the artist Bamf since he had less than 50 subs on his YouTube. I can proudly say he’s one of my most rewarding discoveries, he not only makes the music, he adds beautiful little 8-bit GIFs enhancing the aesthetics of his music. And though I love all his tracks, this one takes the cake for my favourite.

It captures the kenopsia of walking down a quiet canal road at late night/early morning, while the mists make eerie shapes as they scatter light on the path illuminated by halogen street lights. An atmospheric track that bottles the surreal solitude of being the sole soul awake in the pre-dawn stillness.

2. Plant Guy - Towards The Mountain

This serene yet melancholic track conjures up imagery of sitting in an autumn countryside pasture, watching cows lazily grazing under the golden sun. However, there’s an underlying sense of the impending harsh winter, carried through the nippy October winds, hinting at the transient nature of this peaceful seasonal moment.

1. sweetbn_ - rowflip

This LoFi track is pure perfection, from the entrancing music to the masterfully edited video. Clips from the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are seamlessly woven together, made even more poignant by sampling a line from the movie itself. The result captures the bittersweet nostalgia of a faded relationship with heartbreaking accuracy. As the melancholic melody washes over you, it kindles hope for the future, like finding solace in a cozy cafe over a cup of pourover, while processing the end of one chapter and the potential start of another.

So these were my top 10, did I miss any, what did you think about it, let me know in the comments down below!

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