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Requesting JSON Web Token from Django OAuth Toolkit using Axios

When I first switched to Django backend for my React-Redux app, all my authentication requests failed. Which was strange, because I had used the same authentication method with a couple of other backends and it worked fine! At first, I thought it was an error with backend but my Postman and cURL request worked fine. The only error that was thrown, was when I tried to authenticate from my react app using Axios library.

After several restless days of pure frustration, I finally found a workaround that worked. What worked was, encoding every data inline using Template Literals. And If you are facing a similar problem as me, this piece of code might be useful to you as well.

import axios from 'axios';


    // Define Method
    method: 'post',

    // Set Access Token URL
    url: `${ROOT_URL}/o/token/`,

    // Set Headers
    headers: {"Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", 'Cache-Control': "no-cache"},

    // Interpolate variables in the strings using Template Literals
    data: `grant_type=${GRANT_TYPE}&username=${email}&password=${password}&client_id=${CLIENT_ID}&client_secret=${CLIENT_SECRET}`


After this you can easily get the access and refresh token with axios(...).then((response) => {console.log(}) .

Hope this helps you.